Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blackberry 9100

It is a recognized fact that Blackberry mobile phones have been making the most advanced handset for the corporate world. In fact they dominate the phones thatare exclusively meant to provide features of an office phone. Blackberry 9100 is the third version after Flip 81xx and 82xx. Like any other Blackberry mobile handset, this new phone by blackberry has RIM pearl. The handset comes with software to squeeze a few characters into a single button.

One of the biggest attractions of the latest Blackberry handset is the battery backup of this new handset which is quite a long lasting one. This new handset has an optical track pad to navigate. The track pad has now replaced the old Pearl trackball. The pearl blackberry is expected to be an instant hit with being attractive handset for the corporate world. For many people, blackberry is in fact a status symbol.
Blackberry 9100

BlackBerry Bold 9020/Onyx/now 9700

The confusion and alphabet/numerical soup that has so far graced the BlackBerry Bold 9020 9700 can be laid to rest. Pictures of the new Blackberry Onyx leaked with the “Bold” branding have surfaced giving Crack addicts something more solid to gravitate towards. So far the Onyx has gone through a bevy of physical changes on it’s track to becoming the 9700 including a trackball-to-track pad change,

BlackBerry 8820

The BlackBerry® 8820 smartphone is the stylish way to get things done. With powerful capabilities, yet incredibly compact and slim, it combines a stylish design with a premium finish. Elegant and performance-driven, this is a smartphone you’ll always want to show off. The BlackBerry 8820 is packed with powerful features, including phone, email, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi support, maps, browser, instant messaging, organizer, media player and more – all in one stylish smartphone.Features
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