Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BlackBerry Bold 9020/Onyx/now 9700

The confusion and alphabet/numerical soup that has so far graced the BlackBerry Bold 9020 9700 can be laid to rest. Pictures of the new Blackberry Onyx leaked with the “Bold” branding have surfaced giving Crack addicts something more solid to gravitate towards. So far the Onyx has gone through a bevy of physical changes on it’s track to becoming the 9700 including a trackball-to-track pad change,

the whole issue revolving around the 9020/9700 numbering (I realize this isn’t physical), a battery door swap, and finally the inclusion of Bold branding smack dab in the middle of the top back of the device. Current Bold owners may not feel the need to switch as the Onyx doesn’t have that many new features over the Bold save for upgraded RAM (256 vs. the Bold 9000′s 128), slimmed down keypad, higher resolution screen, and newer styling. One potential drawback for some will be the smaller screen. While the resolution is higher on the Bold 9700, it is slightly narrower than the Bold’s screen which may be a problem for some. Whether or not this will sway some users to hold off remains to be seen. Regardless, the Onyx/Bold 9700 is shaping up to be quite the king of the crop BlackBerry. Are you already preparing your eBay listing for your now old and not so attractive Berry?

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